About Us.

About us

AlphaTalents Africa is an impact-first investment company supporting the creation and growth of profitable, sustainable and impact-centric agribusiness ecosystems in Africa. We firmly believe that investment in agribusiness is what Africa needs to transform its economies and livelihoods. Our primary goal is to invest patient capital in companies that will help advance the African agribusiness industry to the next level.

Our purpose

Accelerate the transition of Africa’s agri-food value chain into an industry capable of meeting the continent’s growing food needs.

Our mission

To contribute to building a sustainable and value creation-driven food industry that positively impacts people, communities and the environment.

Our unique value proposition.

We are patient

We invest as quasi-permanent minority or majority shareholders. Where we don’t own a controlling stakes, we ensure that the investee company is 100% aligned with our vision, values and philosophy.

We look to evolve in a permanent capital investment vehicle to provide liquidity to our investors while catering to the agribusiness industry’s long-term funding needs in Africa. 

We target primarily the African agri-food industry

We invest in private agribusinesses leveraging a local, integrated supply of crops or with a clear strategy to build one.

While we invest primarily in the agribusiness sector, we do allocate up to 25% of our capital to ancillary industries (education, healthcare, technology, financial services and logistics) to foster the development of a solid backbone for the African agri-food industry. 

We are operators

AlphaTalents Africa’s team is composed of veterans of the agri-food and investment industries in Africa who share a common belief that a sustainable agri-food sector is the only lasting solution to the continent’s rising food insecurity.

As active board members, we provide strategic and operational support, working alongside our portfolio companies’ leadership teams.

We are impact-centric

We invest in companies committed to having a positive social, human, and environmental impact on the ecosystems they operate in, and that are managed by people upholding the highest standards of integrity and fairness.

We have built a unique monitoring framework including 15 metrics across 4 core pillars of value creation to precisely quantify our impact.

Our founding philosophy: Beyond financial returns

If we are to succeed in putting purpose- driven investment into practice, we are required to innovate and adopt a new type of business model altogether.

This innovative model in turn entails a new type of investment practice that puts much greater emphasis on specific non-financial performance in the categories of human, social, and environmental capital.

To effectively support the transformation of the business focus from one dimension (financial) to multiple dimensions (human, social, environmental and financial) we need to challenge our traditional ways of constructing and measuring profit:


Signalling clearly to the  organisation that performance in terms of human, social, and environmental value creation is as important as financial value creation.


Ensuring rigorous performance management in non-financial dimensions (e.g., robustness of metrics, frequency of review, time horizon, and decisions to drive value creation)


Creating a stronger alignment in the organisation between our purpose and management (including, ideally, an inclusive incentive system).